Portrait of my brother: Narmer’s Baboon, Hoard of Silver Ingots, Corleck Head

This work arises from an ongoing collaborative drawing project I am engaged in alongside my younger brother, a first year film student at St.John's Central College Co
rk. Which is approached with a pre-emptive interest in his esoteric inner life, to which I have limited access. Until his decision to study film, this has been expressed through his drawings. This selection of submitted ink drawings act as building blocks within a larger portrait of my brother; Who will raise these subject matters in passing during our phone calls. My commitment is then to represent these cultural touchstones mentioned, in order to build a portrait of the range of captivation and mystery that he, and potentially we, carry within ourselves.

The work references formal documentation of historic artifacts from Museums and Institutional collections that function as educational tools for the public. Through the act of reproducing the objects in their documented form via drawing, the artefacts are removed from their encased plinths and set adrift in the unconscious mind of those that encounter them. This selection on display at Artworks 2023 includes references from Ireland and Egypt. The larger series at present also represents cultural touchstones from Armenia, The Kingdom of Dumnonia (now Cornwall), Finland, Spain, as well as artifacts from film and popular culture.

Portrait of my Brother: Narmer’s Baboon, Hoard of Silver Ingots, Corleck Head is simultaneously a lamentation on the impossibility of achieving an objective reading of another’s mind and our cultural pasts; and a celebration, of the physical manifestations of both that continue to survive. In the physical world, and within our infinitely overlapping individual, communal and collective psyches.

Special thanks to my collaborative partner Damon Conway for his participation in the production of this work.


Narmer’s Baboon, ink on paper, 42xm x 30cm, 2023

The Hoard of silver Ingots, ink on paper, 42xm x 30cm, 2023

Corleck Head, ink on paper, 42xm x 30cm, 2023